Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fancy some blossom possum?

Because I've got some over here on my April moodboard 

For once I haven't waited until the last day of the month to scramble around the garden in a desperate search for something new. Things are actually starting to grow - who'd have thought! 

New growth poking up through the soil

The first pale yellows of Spring being replaced by blues
Forget me not



Rich purples
Primula 'Silver Lace'

Deep pink
Flowering currant

And blousy brights

  Look inside

And last but not least the blossom


The rest of the garden is waking up. The lilac is 'nearly' there, as is the wisteria. The apple tree is just starting to show the sweetest green leaves. Shoots of forgotten plants keep surprising me. Last month my moodboard was about hope, this month it's more about promise. And it's a promise that my garden always keeps. Bliss.

Thank you so much for your feedback on my last post. Your comments were so supportive and some actually moved me to tears. You are a wonderful bunch!



  1. Such beautiful pics. Thank you for sharing. xx

  2. Lovely! Glad to see things are blooming where you are. That silver lace is so pretty. When you think about it, flowers truly are amazing -- so many varieties and colors -- colors that we might not even imagine putting together. Have an amazing day. Tammy

  3. It's lovely to see some colour in the garden at last, although mine has still got a long way to go, with lots of trees not even in leaf yet never mind blossom!

  4. Lovely, colourful blossoms and flowers - this time of year in the garden is so full of promise:)

  5. So pretty, Jane! Thank you for sharing these flowers.

  6. Gorgeous ... and such variety ... Bee xx

  7. I see you found forget me nots! one of my favourites. Not out here yet. Lovely photographs :)

  8. Absolutely beautiful images and posies - I so love blue flowers and the primula Silver Lace is like a Victorian needlepoint. We have some and they are stunning.

  9. Your spring flowers are so very fresh and colourful,greet spring like and old friend wearing a new hat!'tis my favourite season,isn't it amazing that they've been asleep under all that snow!!'bye for now Pam.

  10. Beautiful. It's so much better when we don't have to forage for the colour. The scents are lovely too at this time of year. Did you get any sleet yesterday? We did??!! Take care. Chel x

  11. You're moodboard is wonderufl, again! Liefs Else X

  12. You're way ahead of me, except for the daffodils which are already fading and the tulips which are holding their own. I always forget how much I love forget-me-nots, wow what an oxymoron that was. Spring has finally arrived.

  13. What beautiful pics. I have no colour in my garden whatsoever yet! M x


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