Thursday, 18 April 2013

Things that make me go 'whoop!'

Big Sis has gone back to university today. We've had three weeks of mess, opinions and noise - and oh how we'll miss it! I helped her to the train with a ridiculously heavy suitcase - I believe she must have packed some lead bricks - and got all misty as she waved away. I knew as soon as I got home I would come over all sentimental at the sight of her breakfast dishes congealing in the sun, and the upturned basket of ironing that she burrowed through in a last minute panic to find her favourite black top.
There was only one thing that would stop my wallowing. I was in need of some 'whoop's. And I needed them fast.
Now be aware these are not the sort of 'whoop's that have any deep meaningful significance. These are instant 'let's have a look around and see if I can find any' type 'whoop's.

Whoop one

Who would have thought that a bag of parsnips could evoke a whoop but there you go. Freshly dug up from a friends allotment and destined for some lovely soup. (N.B. I did point out that these whoops were instant ones - had I put more time in these would have been presented in a wicker trug on a lawn of chamomile!)

Whoop two

My gardening clogs. A recent impulse buy that make me smile/laugh/giggle.

Whoop three

A peek at my new summery dress - bargain from ebay - and it's greeeeeeen!

Whoop four

Cherry blossom - AT LAST!

Number five - now this is more of a whoo than a full blown whoop

See that branch - the main one running diagonally from left to right - that's where our blackbird was sitting and singing the most delightful tunes. Until I fetched my camera. Mr Blackbird then suffered a short bout of stage fright which meant that the only thing of any interest left was our next door neighbours compost bins. Bad blackbird.

Whoop six

A print I ordered from the very talented Ruthie Redden over at 5 Precious Things. She is a pictorial storyteller who bases her work on Mother Nature, myths and folklore. Pop over to her blog for some wonderful stories and insights into old traditions.

Are you ready for this?
There is about to be a gaggle of whoops.

Whoop seven

A parcel...

Whoop eight

...tied up with the most beautiful string

Whoop nine

Smelling of beautiful fragrances

Whoop ten 

And containing some wonderful garden gifts from the lovely Sally at Lavender Attic. This is my first giveaway prize which arrived today and was ' just the medicine' I needed. Look at those beautiful flowers which will all be very carefully sown with my poshy galoshy gloves. You would love Sally's blog - I recommend you pop over and say hello!

So - I'm whooped out.
Still missing Big Sis but thankful for all the little joys I am surrounded by.
Do you have anything that makes you go whoop?



  1. Aw bless you, what a lovely post Jane!
    Glad you like it, I always feel a bit shy posting my giveaways.
    Sally xx

  2. Your whooping has made me happy too! I love this post. That giveaway package is wonderful, enjoy!

  3. These are all great whoops. It's definitely the wee things in life that make us go "whoop"! :o)

  4. Lovely 'whoops' - I had a giveaway package as well this week which I'll include in my 'four happy things' on Sunday. Parsnip soup, hares and cherry blossom are just the things to make you smile:)

  5. Great whoops. Very impressed with the parsnips mine never turn out so well. The blossom is so lovely. I have pink gardening clogs too hehe x

  6. ~Lots of delightful 'whoops'....and received ever so happily with a smile :) Caught my first sighting of cherry blossom too, yesterday....that was my first 'Whoops'! Second whoops for me a lovely late birthday parcel from a lovely blog friend! I didn't really know April birthdays could gone on right through the month! ~ Enjoy that parsnip soup! with 'Twinkles' *** Maria x

    1. OOps should have gone to Specsavers, my friend! Of course it should read...Could go on...haha! that could be another 'Whoops'!!!

  7. My mother in Japan cries her eyes out every time I leave. I am glad that you found so many whoops! Lovely parsnips! They are definitely whoop to me! And the pretty pink clogs! : )

  8. I love a whoop or two, and what lovely whoops you have. It'll soon be the end of the next term and summer holidays will be here with Big Sis home again :) xx

  9. Oh clapping wildly ~ I love it when you Whoop it up !

  10. Whoop indeed! And how we need this after such a hard winter. Love those cheerful pink clogs, very Fae. And useful too, I need something I can wash off easily after digging in the garden. Adore Ruthie's art, lovely item! Minerva x

  11. What a lovely happy whoopful post ... Bee xx

  12. Lots of lovely whoops! Love your new print.
    M x

  13. Whoop, Whoop so glad I found your blog :-) xx

  14. Lots of great whoops in your post! Love the colourful clogs, just don't scare more birds away with the brightness!! Take care. Chel x

  15. Whoa Jane! I don't know where to begin here, so many lovely things to comment on! Pink gardening clogs - oh yeah! And your new frock - love the colour.

    I particularly love your print of the hare and the moon - I am currently stitching a wool appliqué cushion cover for a friend with exactly this image, though my hare is leaping over the moon. I do love images of hares. And I had to laugh at your missing blackbird - that's exactly what happened to me trying to catch a duck floating downstream while out on my walk on Friday - he'd floated out of sight by the time I'd got my camera focused! Ah well, t'was the thought that counted.

    And what a lovely haul for your final whoop - I'm going to pop along to Sally's blog straight away. Lovely post, Jane. Lx

  16. My whoops are,a sunny day,finding a new,to me,china teaset and time to myself in my home and vintage tea shops(see my blog for pics of latter) 'bye for now Pam.


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