Monday, 1 April 2013

March 32nd

In honour of it being the coldest March for six billion years I declare a new date 
- March 32nd.

And with that new date comes my March mood board.

 Each month I seem to be saying that finding new growth was tough. But still it was there.

My first crocus

A dancing daffodil

The beautiful blue muscari that has seen it though the deep freeze

Buds -  just daring to unfurl

Flowering currant


The promise of heady scents



Fresh new leaves

And the old stalwart that has seen us right through 

So with that please enjoy your extra day - although I think we might have to give April 1st a miss.


(P.S. Go check out Bee's over at The Linen Cloud - she's got daisies!)


  1. Well that's reassuring, perhaps spring is on it's way at last!
    Lovely photos, thankyou for sharing x
    Angie x

  2. Wow you found so much. I haven't spotted any spring flowers around here yet. Daffodils are on there way but not open.

  3. Those are very good sights. Just this weekend we're spotting buds coming on the the shrubs - a promise that spring might be a little way off but it is coming and there's nothing the rotten cold can do about it!

  4. There is a very special joy to be found from spotting the first buds of Spring (even though I love cold, wintery weather, I wouldn't want it all year round!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all of a sudden, very soon, the icy blasts and snow will disappear one night and we will be thrust straight away into the warm breezes and sunny skies of the best of Spring-times!

  5. What lovely flowers, and such beautiful pictures!


  6. A pretty board! The crocus has such subtle sorbet colour! Very pretty! Despite snow(Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday!) there are spring flowers scattered all over the garden. Just it's too cold for me to go out to admire them. (I've got bad cold) Hooray for March 32nd! ; )

  7. It has been very cold, we just had frost a few days ago and I live in Florida!

  8. Lovely moodboard and I love the little peek of blue ... roll on sunshine and proper blooms ... Bee xx

  9. You found some lovely signs of spring, nothing seems to be coming out in our garden at the moment, I love the blue of the muscari:)

  10. I love these mood boards - they make me want to go out to the garden right this very second and pick pretty things. your blue muscari is beautiful. Mel x

  11. ~ Such a lovely idea....a mood board of springs flowers.~ Taking a peek in my little garden ....I spy Sweet wild Violets....Spring has sprung, most certainly.....she is just a little sluggish from her slumber....that's all....~ with kind thoughts...Maria x

  12. I very much like your floral mood board,I bet you have a very pretty garden.'Bye for now Pam.


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