Sunday, 7 April 2013

The odd box

This is a quick post. 
I have a query.

Today I took Big Sis and Little Sis to our local fair (cue gratuitous picture of cute camper van).

Don't worry I'm not going to take you right around (although the temptation to dwell on some of the treasures is very appealing).

I'm just going to show you this.

A lovely roomy sewing box in need of a little tlc...

... for £3!

But if you look at the front you might notice something a bit odd.

And again at the back.

So if we look at the base we get this.

What's going on there?
Why the bulge?
It's not there on the inside.

Secret panels?

Just a peculiar design feature that didn't quite take off?

Suggestions please.

Jane x


  1. Lovely sewing box I have one similar minus the bulges its a mystery!
    I love the photo of the camper van its my dream to own one, one day maybe! Love post made me smile :)

  2. This is really great ... no idea why it's like that but it is really brilliant ... Bee xx

  3. It is an inside out Tardis!
    Angie x

  4. I have no idea why it bulges but what a brilliant find for only £3! It's a lovely little sewing box. x

  5. No idea about the bulges but the box looks great! :o)

  6. Really I have no clue but it is fascinating.

  7. ooh secret panels - they sound very intriguing! perhaps if you press the right piece of the weave they will open for you!

    Nikki x

  8. Pretty box for just £3 - what a mystery! Perhaps the person that made it doesn't like straight lines:)

  9. ~ I like odd and quirky and added to this a bit of mystery...Well even better! I have that camper van on my 'Wish' list too...**** Have a great week and thanks for kind visits to me....~Love maria x

  10. Whatever the reason is, it is a lovely box. I hope its a secret panel with treasure in!

  11. Can't help with the why, but I've seen them like that before. I do have a guess ... much easier to weave the outer box into an interesting shape than make the inner anything other than rectangle?

  12. I wonder if it used to sit on a shaped table? Love the camper van! On my wish list is a narrow boat, camper van and mini cooper, all in green, white and pink! People think I'm mad...apart from me!

  13. Interesting. It's a lovely little box and a steal at that price. My guess is simply fashion?
    Enjoy it anyway.

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  15. Inside my curvy bod is a slimmer perhaps it's a metaphor? ;-) cx

  16. Maybe the shape was created just to make it look more interesting from the outside, instead of plain and rectangular? It's a great buy anyway! Just catching up on your interesting posts....loved the pictures you took of Another Place, with the figures just emerging from the sea. And thank you so much for writing about my book...your mouse and bunny are beautifully made!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  17. Oooerr, what a strange shape - but a lovely little basket. And a bargain too!


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