Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scavenger Hunt - February (director's cut)

Okay folks this is my first scavenger hunt and, as the title states, it is indeed a 'cut' version. In truth I have been mad busy and have not had time to fulfil all the categories but still wanted to post something. 
So here goes.

Spring bouquet

Love / Heart
From my favourite valentine 

Number / Price
Imperial bliss

Favourite colour
Green - such optimism

With a bird's eye view

On the road
My favourite stop off place for free range eggs

Not particularly attractive but one of the hardest working parts of the garden

A corner of my home
The best place to snuggle up with a book

Next month I will be more organised. 
I hope.

Thanks to greenthumb for organising. If you fancy joining in with the scavenger hunt for March you can have a look at the next list and other linkee's (!) here.



  1. A great collection! Lovely to see another blogger joining in too :) I nearly missed a few out for mine too, but got there in the end, with a rubbish selection of pictures, hehe! Hoping March will be easier.

  2. Whoop whoop, you entered! Great camera angle on the lovely flowers. I always leave those pesky difficult categories until the 11th hour and then get a crap photo. Hope to see you back at the end of March.

  3. Welcome aboard :) A lovely selection ~ your spring bouquet is so cheerful and a perfect way to start Your special Valentine card is a keeper ~ very romantic <3 Your hose attached to your tap looks intriguing. I bet it doesn't get all bent out of shape like most. Cozy reading corner, indeed! Looking forward to seeing you again next month! Happy Spring.

  4. Welcome and thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt it's great to see your photos. I really like your photos of tap, bird, flowers. Greenthumb.

  5. How fun to have someone new join our scavenger hunt! Your reading corner is so welcoming, and I love that valentine that your valentine made for you! Your photos pop with color, which is something I really enjoy! Happy hunting in March!

  6. Great set of photos, I like how quite a few of use have chosen our book shelf's for corner of the home. Flowers and heart are lovely.
    Amanda xx

  7. Welcome to our merry band! Love those old sewing packets, the love card and the thatched roof. Love your header image too. x

  8. Lovely photos, Jane - I recognise the stop for free range eggs - when we passed there recently on our way to Shrewsbury the chickens in the field opposite had a couple of alpacas with them. Recognise the bird on the thatch roof too - I always look out for that house. Love the cheerful flowers and your heart card and your reading corner looks so cosy:)

  9. Oh well done you - great pics! I have good intentions of joining in the scavenger hunt too, but just haven't got my act together yet. Really must !
    Happy Sunday, hope life has calmed down a bit for you and that pesky clutch got sorted?

  10. Lovely pictures! I love the egg stop :) And your book corner looks very inviting!

  11. Hi Jane, a great set of pictures there! Love the stand at the gate and gorgeous posy too :-)

  12. I like your pictures very much and wouldn't have known they are an abbreviated version :-) We buy our eggs locally too, small daughter calls the farmer "the egg man" which always sets me off singing a Beatles song I don't know the words to! xx

  13. Love your collection of pictures for February, especially those little needle packets!
    Jacqui xx

  14. Such a great selection of photos! Suzy x

  15. This looks like fun! I love your choices ... all well done!

  16. Excellent - especially when you've been so busy.

  17. That Valentine card is beautiful!!! Lucky you! I really like the bird's eye view too- what a find!x


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