Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Charging Rhino

It hasn't quite turned out as planned. 

After a fairly gruelling start to the year the half term break had been hovering just ahead like a sparkly oasis. Time to breathe I thought. Maybe visit some new places and take some much needed restorative walks. 
Renew my perspective. 
Look forward.

But then came the tickle.

Just a little one but significant nonetheless.
The tickle that is soon followed by hot eyes and a runny nose.

The charging rhino had come to a stop. 

Now before I  continue I had better explain the analogy. Apparently when one is under a certain amount of daily pressure the only way to get through it is to put your head down and barge through. This stops you from getting attacked by wild animals and eaten. However once the threat/pressure/ situation has passed it is time to stop charging and relax. And just when you do so those sneaky little critters catch you from behind and before you know it you've got a cold. 

Or at least it goes something like that.

And so it goes that I'm writing this from my bed, surrounded by tissues, blisteze and old magazines.

Of course I'm very fortunate. Mike is also on his break and keeps popping in with much welcomed cups of tea and home made soup. I've got a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.

But things have still been going on.

On Tuesday we had some new carpets fitted. I know you'll be enthralled to hear more but all I'm going to say is that after twenty years of children, dogs and rabbits skipping about we now have cream carpet adorning our stairs and landing. That's right. CREAM! What were we thinking? But it does look lovely even if any trip up and down stairs now demands clean feet. And our bedroom, where we have insisted on keeping hold of our original Victorian boards even though they were scarred with woodworm trails, is now covered in a luxurious tuft!

Of course this included a mass movement of furniture which started a bit of a sort. Started mind you, not finished. We are now paused - mid sort.

Wednesday saw the cold break but did not stop us visiting the theatre. This time I was accompanied by Mike to see the fantastic John Shuttleworth at the New Vic Theatre in nearby Newcastle under Lyme. Now I realise that drink and drugs should never mix but to be honest I hadn't realised that a small mid interval gin and tonic (always a theatre treat) would react so potently with three days of cold medicine.

Goodness me I haven't laughed so much for a long time. Tears were rolling down my face!
But don't do that at home.

Which brings us back to now. My body has finally said no, stop it, I've had enough. Stop feeling guilty about things you had planned to do and let those little critters have their way. And if that means staying put and being waited on by others then so be it! 

Appreciate it. Let it happen.

A dear friend bought me this cushion at Christmas and the sentiment always makes me stop and think.

Take care and, if your rhino does need to take a breather, watch out for sneaky critters.


P.S. Preparations are now well under way for our bloggy get together in Stratford in April. It would be so nice to meet you, so if you're even a teensy bit curious as to what we're going to be up to, give myself or dear old Gilly a shout!


  1. I was "lucky" - I caught a sickness bug and was off work for the last three days before half term, and was recovered by Sunday! I've not had a relaxing week though as I've worked for the wildlife trust to earn extra pennies! I'm a bit worn out now. Glad you enjoyed your theatre trip - I saw John Shuttleworth about 10 years ago in a theatre somewhere (can't believe it was that long ago, eep!) - I can remember much of it though! I hope you feel better very soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon x

  3. Working in school we all get sick in the holidays too. John Shuttleworth is on our list of people to see this year, he is sooooo funny. I love his song, Late Arrangement for an Early Tea, priceless

  4. Same as Twiggy but so far I gave dodged the lurgy but everyone else round here has been ill. Obviously saving it up for the summer holidays!

  5. Hi Jane,sorry to hear you're feeling poorly,but snuggling down in bed being waited on sounds marvellous! As I cannot give you a bunch of flowers,pop over to my blog and see my Daffys in a tin which I will dedicate to you! Kind Regards Pam.

  6. Oh, it's that old Rhino again! How often do you charge through the term time to collapse at the holiday? I know I've done it more times than I care to remember, including this week when I Rhino charged until last night (Daughter's 13th party) and am paying the price with a cold today.
    Take care of yourself and get better soon!

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon. I love the Rhino expression, it's very apt! xx

  8. I would like to join in your gathering at Stratford. After following so many wonderful blogs I have a burning desire to begin a blogging life and thought meeting u with some of you may give me the courage. One of my big stumbling blocks - after courage - is my lack of IT skills. Can none bloggers join you????x

    1. Absolutely Lynne - it would be so nice to meet you. I can't seem to find a contact address for you - would it be possible for you to contact me via email?

  9. Wise words! I hope you feel better soon. I find it hard to give in to being ill! At times like you say it's the only thing to do to repair yourself.
    I love the sound of the carpet- let it be the start of a no shoes era.

  10. Oh dear, sorry to hear you are poorly. Always seems to happen when you start slowing down for holidays. hope you feel better soon.

  11. Oh dear, I hope that you are feeling much better soon! Your carpet fitting must have been quite an upheaval, I am hoping for a new carpet sometime, but dreading all the moving that it will entail. I think you were very brave to do it in February! I hope you enjoy it though, as it all sounds delightful! Snuggle up and take care of yourself. xx

  12. Jane stay cosy in bed. You are lucky to be waited on, enjoy. Hope you are better soon.

  13. I had flu the other week and I honestly think the best way to deal with it is to let it happen. I took paracetamol every 4 hours and drank gallons of tea and it "only" had a hold for about 4 days. I hope you feel a lot better soon. :o)

  14. Oh, no isn't that always the way? Hope you feel well again soon. Take care:)

  15. May your rhino be restarted soon, or something. I can't let my rhino stop ... there's too muh chasing it!

  16. Isn't that always the way, as soon as you get to rest you get sick. I bet moving that carpet out didn't help. Hope you feel better soon.

  17. Hi Jane sorry to hear you are poorly - I'm fighting off the large at the moment and hoping it won't come to anything much - Hope you feel better soon!

  18. Hope you're now feeling better, loving the cushion!


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