Sunday, 15 February 2015

The mystery of the small smalls, or, why are some smalls smaller than others?

I've been flitting about again. My attention span at the moment is that of a very small gnat (although having not been an observer of gnats and their mindsets I may well be doing them a great disservice - but I feel that the analogy makes the necessary point).

So when good old LDJ posted about knickers I was hooked.

 'Aha!' thought I.
'They are nice small objects and thus must be nice and quick to make.'

But in typical impatient manner I wanted to make them then. And there.

So I scoured t'internet for a free pattern and set to.

Now I should have learned from the time that I made a crochet slipper - that's right, just the one - that you should always double check your sizes. How was I supposed to know that a size seven pattern would equate to a size four in the UK. Feeling very much like an ugly sister I tossed aside my 'too small footwear' in a fit of pique.

But this pattern clearly said size twelve.

So off I went.

And very pleased I was with myself too. 

Until I tried them on. Or should I say tried to try them on.

At the point where I realised that I would be lucky if they would reach a thigh I decided to check the size.

The very pretty thigh stranglers on the top


Surely a size is a size is a size - no matter where you live?

Apparently not!

So I played safe and sent off for a popular kit.

 Would you believe it? The kit worked!

The sizing was correct and - without going into too much detail - my nether regions were suitably adorned.

The free pattern on top compared to the proper size!

Next pair.

Same pattern on a fat quarter.


A visit to the craft emporium to buy a replica set of fat quarters and eventually more knickers were made (two quarters per pattern if you will - or indeed a fat half)


Meanwhile there has been a production line of baby hats for Taciana's worthy project. Again these have been wonderfully quick to make, and I have enjoyed revisiting some of the yarns that I used when the girls were mere twinkles.

Difficult to model them though. Especially when the 'models' keep rolling off.

And last but not least has come a small pair of trousers accompanied by a chunky sweater.

Just about big enough for a mouse.

NO! Glove Mouse.You are far too small!

Just about big enough for a mouse called Bob!

Bob's about to go off to furnish the dusty shelves of my old etsy shop, but before he does I wonder if he's got any ideas as to what to do with the 'too small' knickers?

Thanks Bob!

May you all be well and your smalls be adequate.



  1. I loved this post, you did make me laugh! Perhaps size 12 was age 12? Anyway, I'm glad your smalls are now big enough! xx

  2. Leave it to you to find a knicker pattern, they are lovely. Sizes are all over the place, jeans are the worst, you could be anything froma a size 2 (US) to a 12, I think they do it on purpose and are in cahoots with the diet book people. I love your mouse attire!

  3. Oh my goodness first of all I love this post. And I love the knickers, each and every pair. Surely there is a little girl out there that the to small ones can fit? You are so sweet to make the baby hats for Taci, I sent mine out to her last week. Very fun project. Hi sweet mouse!

  4. I never knew a knicker kit existed! I lead a very sheltered life. I love the fabric too and they look really comfy. Fliss x

  5. Wow a knicker kit, what a brilliant idea! They look fab

  6. Haha - how annoying, but rather funny! :-) Funnily enough I read an article on knicker making in the 'Making' magazine this weekend which hubs got me for Valentines and I though I quite like that idea! X

  7. Pretty pants! I need a knicker making kit in my life. Love the wee mouse and his cute wee outfit.
    Marianne x

  8. Hooray for adequate smalls! Yours have turned out really well. I don't know if I would give them a go - too easy to buy them instead.

  9. Hysterical !! I bet your printer was not set to 100% maybe it was printing at 75%?? I only say this because I nearly made the same mistake when printing off something t'other day!
    You got there in the end...knickers knickers knickers! loving it!
    Ps I can always rely on you for a polite link....thank you very graciously....
    Daisy xx

    1. Good grief - I think you may have solved it! Of course looking back at the pattern site there is a test square to check that it has printed off at the right size - but did I use it? Naaaaaaaaaaa! Might give it another go. Thank Detective Daisy x Jane

  10. I give you a lot of credit making your own underwear. I think I'd botch them terribly. Enjoy your new undies, they're really cute!

  11. I love your smalls and am so impressed at your determination. But is the cotton not a bit scratchy hard? Or am I grown nesh after years of soft jersey M&S best smalls?

    1. I know what you mean - I too have been spoiled by the comfort of jersey! I'm hoping though that in the Summer they will add a touch of crisp cotton to my step!

  12. I am glad that it was third time lucky! I am wildly impressed that you even had a go! I hope that you can make as many as you want now that you have it all worked out! xx

  13. Well I would never have thought a knicker kit existed. Well done for giving them a go and they look better than m&s.
    As I've got older I've found certain essentials are difficult to find for comfort and fit. One is shoes and the other is knickers. Perhaps I need one of these kits!

  14. Well done you for making knickers, they look fab and very cheerful too.


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