Saturday, 30 March 2013


I've always loved green. Proper emerald green. To me it represents leaves and trees and riverbanks. The freshness of nature and youthful exuberance. It is as much a part of me as my name.

To illustrate-

Q: What's your name?
A: Jane.
Q: How many arms do you have?
A: Two.
Q: Favourite colour?
A: Green.


So it seems natural that my home would reflect this with glorious shades of green in each room highlighted with accents of eau de nil and jade. Yup, that sounds about right.

So what's going on?

My home is mainly neutral. 

There is lots of colour on the walls in the way of paintings, books and various collections.

The bathroom was a daring experiment in a lovely rich -  red. 

The fireplace wall in the living room is  - red.

Once you start really looking most of the accents are - (yeah okay we've got it now) red!

What's the time - ten to RED!

 I don't know how this has happened. I know it shouldn't matter but it has been bugging me. 
Am I a green fraud?
This niggle must have been dancing at the back of my mind as I went for my Friday afternoon charity shop trawl.

I was immediately drawn to this lovely top.

Followed by this dress.

Then these beautiful dainty plates jumped out in front of me.

Followed by these bowls.

And then - as if by magic (a la Mr Benn) it was all pulled together by the discovery of this fabulous tablecloth.

It was only as I unpacked my goodies that I realised there was a common theme. Green. 

Had the little green fairy been sitting on my shoulder?
Had the dancing niggle nagged my subconscious into action?
Am I over thinking this (yes you are now be quiet)?
I was relieved.
I am not a fraud.
I love green!

Jane x

What's your colour of choice?


  1. Hi Jane , love all your green finds and red accents....and MR BENN :0)
    Happy Easter
    Jacquie x

  2. MY absolute favourite colours are red and green! I always think of my love of green as the safe, calm, neutral option, and my addiction to red as the bold, daring, in-your-face option! Buying Poppy Cottage has given me the excuse to have all things red! It just seems to suit it somehow, whereas our last (modern) house was more likely to have greens!
    RED! Love it!
    Angie x

  3. Ooh, love your green shopping spree! I like green too but when we moved in we had green walls, green doors and green carpets. Slightly too much of a good thing! x

  4. My favourite colour is blue followed by purple.Green was the colour of my school uniform and I think that is why I don't go for it now(mind you that was centuries ago!)We recently had our kitchen redone.We went for beige units and walls with granite coloured worktops and floor but we have accessorised with red and I love it.Barbara
    P.S.Great shopping trip you had.

  5. Now green goes perfectly with red, so maybe that is what your little fairy is telling you. I'm a pink, green and white person, but have noticed lately that a touch of grey is appearing with the pinks. Maybe it is the change of seasons. Have a wonderful Easter. Chel x

  6. Green, green, green, definitely every time, love it. I've even gone green with envy for your beautiful crockery and tablecloth which would look so lovely in MY dining room :) xx

  7. Blue blue ... any shade will do ... Bee xx

  8. Favorite is blue, runner up is red! :)))))) Happy Easter!

  9. ~ Ooh Green.......Just looking around my home....There's a lot Green and mustard and homely earthly shades....Very grounding! Your home looks soo pretty......LOVE the colour in your bathroom! ~ And the treasure you have found to wear too...hehe....Chocolate hugs for Easter time.....Love Maria x

  10. I tend to lean towards yellow in the house but wear black....a lot!

  11. Funnily enough, if I expressed a preference I woud probably say blue - but my house is mostly reds and yellows and chocolate brown! I could quite happily move into your bathroom based on the colour you've shown. Mmmmmm.

  12. Hi Jane, I am loving all your greenand then again loving all the red, too. I love really all colors but burnt orange and rust, not my favorites.

    Happy Easter,

  13. Hi Jane,I love green too. Mostly lime green. We've had loads of colour on our wall including green and red, but we've painted it out due to selling! Colour does, like you say lurk in the shadows. Sometimes it has to be expressed! I love your clothes and china that you bought. Flissx

  14. Me? Neutrals - white, greys, browns - and ... green ;)

    Your charity shop china and tablecloth are just perfect ... lovely things!

    Happy Easter Jane :D

  15. Beautiful green finds! My favourite colour is most definately RED.
    M xxx

  16. love your green finds, especially the bowl with the bird! I love green, but to be honest I love most colours.

  17. It's Greens for me too Jane, more of the darker, teal varieties, not the standard green of my primary school uniform......which is why our rug containing a myriad of deep reds annoys me every time I see it. Lovely top you found there :-) Mel x


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