Saturday, 5 January 2013

A sign of things to come

After reading Bunny Mummy's post as to how to take better photographs I armed myself with my trusty Olympus X-940 and set foot outside. Typical of me I left it too late to catch the brief glimmer of wintry sunshine that graced us this morning but nevertheless I started clicking away prolifically. I was concerned that this might make my pictures seem indiscriminate but instead, as I went on, I realised I was focussing closer on what was in the aperture. And what joy that brings! At a time when my garden seems completely dormant I discovered this

- new buds on my lungwort! I love this plant. It came to me as a straggly piece from a neighbour but has now found a perfect position beneath the ferns. Soon those buds will develop in to the most pretty blue flowers, fading to pink as they age. I know I'm not alone in delighting in these early signs of regeneration - isn't nature brilliant!
Another sign of what I hope is to come was my first comment on a blog post. Thanks to Janie at joy for the soul for the encouragement - her blog is certainly worth a visit not only for her selfless work for the homeless but her recognition of the simple things in life.
Here's to new signs. 

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