Saturday, 19 January 2013

White and other colours

We knew it was coming, we were as prepared as we could be, but as to the exact timing of the heavy snow we couldn't be too sure. In our house the weather forecast was scrutinised frame by frame by Little Sis to see exactly what time it was going to hit our area and - more importantly - whether this would mean no school. It had been predicted to start in the early hours but at 6.45am there was only a light smattering. Mr K went to work just as the first flakes started. By 8am there was a steady flurry and following an excited round of phone calls the news came through - Little Sis's school was closing! I however still had to make my way in, only to be told that due to the small number of children who had turned up I may as well go back home. SNOW DAY! 
Now one thing's for sure - when it snows in the UK photo opportunities abound.

Little Sis had already bagged a gorgeous photo of the canal behind our house

Now it was time to don my newly knitted hat and shawl and brave the storm!

Jessie Dog was ready

The bird bath and bird box had on their snowy hats


Time to see what was beyond the garden gate

This is what greeted us

The canal presented a huge range of picturesque images

Lock 31 was decidedly snowy

And my bench looked slightly too cold to be mused upon today

Jessie Dog was belying the fact that she is fourteen and begged to play at any opportunity

And so did Mr K!

Black silhouettes were sharpened against their backgrounds

 But there was also colour



And various shades of brown

This sign stood out

(thank goodness I wasn't thinking of doing any fishing!)

 Then of course there were the boats

With their colourful sides and beautiful doily windows

 Time to cross back across the bridge for home

Plenty of colour. Perhaps just more difficult to find than normal. 
I hope you have been able to find some colour in your day wherever you are.

(And Jessie Dog slept very well that night x)


  1. Hi,your photo's are beautiful!I still hate the snow though!roll on spring!Kind regards Pam.

  2. You lucky, lucky thing! To have canal boats so nearby I am truly jealous (I dream of owning one some day). You clearly had a lot more snow that we did. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Now back to dreaming of canal boats... Take care. Chel x

  3. Lovely photos.What a bonus to get a day off school.It never happened when i was teaching because the school was on a main road and most of the children walked in.It was just the poor teachers who had the struggle.

  4. Hello:
    These are wonderful images of a landscape so magically transformed by snow. And somehow or other, snow never fails to excite us all regardless of age although, of course, one does spare a thought for those who have to venture out in it regardless.

    We send warmest wishes from an icy and snowy Hungary.

  5. Jane what a lovely surprise! I love your blog - it feels like you have a real voice. Am certainly going to be following your adventures. SO jealous of that table, what a brilliant find. Mark lost all the numbers on his phone including Mikes. We were going to do a meet up at a flea fair here in Malvern. Lets keep in touch.
    By the way there is a lovely blog called Curlew Country - do you know it. I mention it because she is based in Leek. I always love a local blog. Hopefully we can get together soon

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and your lovely comments on the Jack Frost post. Your photos are delightful, and such beautful scenery. We are indeed lucky in the UK to have such pretty places to live aren't we? Minerva x


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