Saturday, 12 January 2013


First week down! 
Back to work - tick.
Mr K's chest infection - gone.
Big Sis - back to uni.
Little Sis - exams done.
Jessie dog - vet  (for a very unladylike procedure of which we shall not speak).
Dare I say our life is getting back to what we consider 'normal'.

No excuses - things to do!

Our Christmas decorations were all lovingly put away in their new box ready to go back in the attic last weekend - must move them from the landing were they are directly in the way of our bathroom door. That should be an easy one.

Our so called office has become used as a bit of a dumping ground over the Christmas period - a sort of 'open the door, throw something in and shut the door again quickly' type place. Complete overhaul here I think. 

Then there's the room we call our clothes room. From a distance. Less said.

Our downstairs toilet was last painted about - errrrrr - twelve years ago. This was when the girls were both knee high to a grasshopper - hence the mirror being placed at such a low height. Although it is now a perfect place to store 'books that we don't look at that often but can't bear to throw away' I think it is perhaps deserving of a little TLC.

But do you know, as I wandered around the house making a mental note of what to start doing and when, I got distracted.

The sun was shining on a picture Big Sis did at primary school. It's been on her landing wall for about nine years now - easy to walk past and not notice. It brought back memories of her explaining very eloquently as to what the picture was about - it very clearly made sense to her and was in no way any different to the ones her classmates did of their families or  favourite pets!

Then I thought I'd try an arty shot of a bowl of fruit by playing around with the camera settings.

Along came a tulip.

Then I found the gorgeous dishcloths my dear friend Ange got me for Christmas. Always one to find a gift from somewhere a little bit different she sourced these from Jangneus.

 Dishcloths! Could you wash up with this little cutie? No - they're definitely going in a frame.

Then of course there's my Acadian shawl. Finished just in time for the 'Beast from the East' weather front we are supposed to have moving in this weekend. Must post on Ravelry.

The garden has had a flurry of feathered visitors which are an absolute delight to watch - must refill bird feeders.
Little Sis is going out for a meal in a 'posh' restaurant this evening with her friends and I've promised to style her hair accordingly.
Need to actually go and buy some food as our Christmas leftovers are just about gone - more chutney anyone?
Which are chores and which are distractions? One thing for sure is they never end and without them our life would be incredibly dull.

But then here's one last thought. Goodness knows where this came from but the other night I was struggling to get back to sleep at around 3am and this popped into my head - do cold drinks actually taste better if drunk from a glass than from a mug? I'll leave that one with you!

Now I must go - there are things 'to do'!


  1. Lovely dishclothes. They must be framed and cherished for years to come.

  2. Thank you - I think they are a new art form!

  3. Frame your cloths and hang them with your daughter's art- they'd be perfect together!!


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