Thursday, 3 January 2013


I thought it might seem rude to gabble on without at least showing a small glimpse of my life. Below are three of my favourite things - my family, my home and my dogged pal Jessie.

 The picture of the back of the house reminds me of the lovely rambling style outdoors Shirley Hughes used to feature in her 'Alfie' books. Rambling pretty much sums me up. If you look closely you can just about spot the family - two teens and a proud dad. Somewhere further back into the garden roams a fantastic Netherland dwarf rabbit named Sir Ned - dapper in his glossy black fur but oh so camera shy.
On the other side of the garden fence is the main reason we moved here - a canal. I feel privileged every time I step out of the garden gate. Each season brings a myriad of different views, visitors and wildlife to this glorious area. Even walking along in the pitch black lends a particular atmosphere - water lapping, the odd plop of a water vole ( rather not think about rats!) and lights inside the boats. Turn one way and it's a short walk to town, turn the other and you can carry on as far as you like getting deeper and deeper in to the countryside. I love it.

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  1. Your house looks lovely, you describe your surroundings beautifully.
    I love the Shirley Hughes books, I used to buy them just for the illustrations!

    I'm leaving comments on each one because if I wait until the end it'd be HUGE!


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