Thursday, 3 January 2013

Welcome - at last!

I've always loved a dabble.
My mum used to turn old boxes in to glorious dolls beds, bits of cereal packets and foil in to an imaginary farm or small 'T' bits of felt and ric rac in to the 'latest' dolly fashions.
Teenage years were spent in a Lancashire mill town where money was scarce but bundles of fabric from the mill shops were available to be cut, stitched, bleached, dyed and embellished at will in order to arrive at some form of wearable creation.
This thrifty background stood me in good stead as a student in the days when - aaaaah - you could pick up beautiful pieces from the thirties and forties for pennies. If only we'd known how precious these pieces would become.
Children came along and after the initial burst of knitting toys and woolly wear life became too gloriously full for much in the way of crafty pursuits.
And now as a 'grown up' I find myself drawing on these early experiences. Gardening and sewing have remained with me but this last year has seen me completely indulge myself in all things woolly - crochet, knitting and even some weaving (see me on Ravelry here).
How long this particular dabble will last is anyone's guess but if you'd like to join me you would be most welcome x


  1. I have no idea if you will go back to read these comments but I want to leave one anyway.
    Your Mum sounds very like mine in the crafty way, she used to make most of our clothes adorned with ric rac, I think that's where our love of the wavy delight comes from. She'd also spend hours sewing and knitting little outfits for our Sindy dolls.

    I like your blog already! X

  2. Hi Jane,
    Susie told me about your blog today and I have sat and read right back to the beginning.
    It is fabulous, well done, amusing, interesting and educational all in one.
    Good to see the piccies of the notorious Christmas "bake off"
    I shall continue to follow with interest.
    Carol S


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