Saturday, 26 January 2013

Squinty the smelly owl

Who'd have thought it? In these days of snow and ice, black and white, cold and - errrr - more cold - that I would open my kitchen curtains this morning and find myself gazing at such a creature. His colours stood out against the bare branches and I can only think he was attracted by the ample food supplies that have been put out to care for our other feathered friends.
Can you see him?
A bit closer maybe?
Something of a shy boots it took some time and a variety of hoots to earn his trust and get a bit closer but, when I did, I could see he was made of glorious coloured wool and - hold on - what's that smell - LAVENDER!
His nonchalant look is perhaps emphasised by the fact that his eyes are not quite looking in the same direction.
He came inside for a warm and immediately palled up with Fi the one eyed pheasant.
After a lovely morning of hooting and swivelling of heads it was time for Squinty to leave.
He was on his way to Big Sis down in the Big Smoke to impart his many words of wisdom (and keep her clothes fresh!)

So for now it's goodbye Squinty - safe journey! 

(If you would like one of Squinty's friends to visit you take a peek at Bunny Mummy's blog for her 
fantastic tutorial - she's a star!)


  1. I must make one of those!Love your colour choice.

  2. Ha, I love your wonderful creation. Squinty is gorgeous...and I'm so pleased you shared him with me. It's always wonderful to see things made from my tutorials and he really is sweet !!I like the way you have used the same colour for round three as the border....looks lovely.
    Great idea with the lavender too.
    Jacquie x

  3. Squinty is just so cute! I wonder if there is some waterproof wool out there to make some that stay outside all year round, mind you it would probably confuse the birds!! Take care. Chel x

  4. I love this little owl. Isn't it amazing the colours that nature can create!!
    Love your blog and I've had a great time reading it.

  5. Hello! He is a sweetie and bunny mummy is one of my fave's too!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and following along with me...
    I'm glad to have found you!
    Daisy j

  6. Hi Jane, thanks for the comment. no not Foxfields, Churnet Valley Railway between Cheddleton and Froghall and going far! Beautiful line that runs down the bottom of our hill.

  7. Hello Jane, I've popped over to visit you from Bunny Mummy. I love Squinty! He looks great hanging on a branch near the bird-feeders! Aren't these owls fun to make? I've just finished my first one too and almost finished a second. I can feel an owl obsession coming on, can you?! Greetings, Sandra

  8. Hi Jane, I'm came to your blog via Bunny Mummy. Squinty is so cute! I'm going to try the pattern this afternoon too :) xx

  9. Squinty has now got a friend on my blog :) I started and finished an owl this afternoon! xx

  10. Just had to tell you that I had my glasses on AND I held my laptop right up to my face to try to see an owl in the first picture,I wondered if I ought to take a trip to the opticians,THEN I saw the second picture and laughed out loud,I LOVE Squinty!!!Kind Regards Pam.


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