Monday, 18 March 2013


Just a quick post to ask what the heckety heck is going on with all this bloglovin palava. Do I have to do something and what will happen if I don't? Heeeellllpppppp!

Jane x


  1. Not big on the techno front, but understand google reader will be gone from 1st July. I've just been to the bloglovin site, you just register then can transfer your list of blogs so you don't lose touch with them :) xx

  2. I panicked when I first started reading other blogs, but Bloglovin is really easy to set up and then you won't have to worry about losing the way you read the blogs you are following. It just has all the blogs that you read ready for you when you visit it, and you can find some more while you are there. There is also Feedly (which I found on Cherry Heart's blog), which is even more simpler, and I have just found a tiny icon on the bottom of my screen that just sits there while I read a blog and I can 'save it for later', add the blog to my timeline on facebook, tweet it. I'm still not too sure about it as I can't see who is following me so I can't return the favour, but it does come up like a magazine! I'm giving both a try to see which one I like best. Oh well, a change is good as a rest, isn't it??! Take care. Chel x

  3. I think it's google reader that's going and bloglovin will stay the same. I read nearly all my blogs through my blogger reading list. Seems like everyone has their own way to read their favourite blogs. :-)

    Gillian x

  4. I have also been wondering this! I am a new blogger too and here I was thinking I was maybe getting the hang of things! Ah well, I will have a look at the things people have suggested here.
    M xxxx

  5. Hi Jane
    Firstly can i say thank you for your sweet and kind words on my post tonight. I love how generous and beautifully kind this blogging community is. I always value your comments and I am sorry for not popping in more to say hi on your blog. I loved Stephen Frys wise words in his letter, that was very reassuring and uplifting, thank you for the link, its a great website.
    Re: Google reader, from what I can gather, its stopping on 1/7/13 I have never used it before but have signed up to Feedly which was very simple and easy to set up. Hope that helps a wee bit. I'm just closing my eyes and hoping all this technological stuff passes me by :o) Enjoy the rest ofyour week xxx Penny

  6. I am lost as to what will stay so I joined Bloglovin'. Just when I think I know what's going on they change things on me.

  7. I've never used Google Reader. Didn't like the way it was set up. Very confusing. I much prefer visiting blogs either those in my sidebar, or those I follow through my dashboard. You probably don't have anything to worry about. :) Have a great day. Tammy


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