Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just sat down!

Apparently I say that quite a lot. 
So much so that it was emblazoned on a T shirt for my Mother's Day present (along with some other goodies but that's not the point).

(spot the knubbelchen...)
I'm sure others of you sometimes feel this way too. 
Why do we feel the need to justify sitting down to our nearest and dearest? 

I'll tell you why!

However many jobs - big and small - you manage to fit into your day, however well you've managed your time, however well you've multi tasked the washing finishing at the same time so that you can sort it just as the meal goes in the oven whilst the toilet cleaner is working and the dog is recovering from a brisk drag along the canal (deep breath) and you put the kettle on which gives you just enough time to unload the dishwasher and empty the bin, put the coffee in the cup as you walk past with the next load of washing, noticing the fact that the dental appointment on the calendar is looming so must make phone call to check time so as not to go on wrong day (like last time but we won't mention that) realise that those cobwebs will be getting a certificate from the Queen if they don't move soon and oh - there's the bag of bulbs I meant to plant four months ago ...
However much of this you do - nobody is ever there to see it!

Oh no! 

They only arrive at that very precious moment, the one you've been looking forward to all afternoon, that elusive little oasis of time. The time when you are feeling rather proud of yourself for performing the tasks that help the every day run smoothly - those invisible tasks that nobody would really notice unless they weren't done. You might have a little piece of cake to have with your coffee. Maybe a magazine you've looked forward to indulging in. Perhaps look at a few blogs while we're about it. Bliss is just around that corner. For a few moments you arrange yourself comfortably in your favourite chair and are just about to relax when - you've guessed it.
Jessie Dog barks. The keys rattle in the door. "Hi gorgeous/ mum" (never both of these together you understand - just according to who arrives first). It's lovely. My family have returned and have hopefully had a good day and we are once again a family unit. But for goodness sake don't they realise the sanctity of my few minutes peace. 

Don't they realise I've JUST SAT DOWN!

Jane x


  1. Loved this post Jane ... you really made me laugh ... sounds just like here ... enough your next sit down :) ... Bee xx

  2. Hello Jane
    I have been sitting here reading your post nodding my head at every word, your are spot on!
    I love your T shirt
    Happy week
    Thea x
    (Thank you so much for your sweet words)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to!! :oD

  4. I just made myself aware that I was smiling throughout this post and nodding! Why do we feel so guilty when that happens too! I also work full time so have to fit this all in a smidgen of the day (Friday nights are when my brood scatter as I AM THE MAGIC FAIRY WITH THE TOILET BRUSH/FEATHER DUSTER/ HOOVER/POLISH/BLEACH...with horns on!!). I want a weekend, is that too much to ask, even though there is a mountain of washing and ironing to do. Oooo, now I'm ranting. Will read your post again for a smile and to know we are not the only ones!. Take care. Chelx

  5. Good post - and so true!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Well Good Morning Jane! I have already showered, dressed, made the bed, cleaned out the fire, taken Mother-in-law a cup of tea in bed, put the first lot of washing on, fed the cats, washed up, emptied the dishwasher, tidied up and now I've just sat down for a minute and read your post!!! And you're right, M-in-L will come down in a minute and catch me sitting here chuckling to myself and go home next week and tell everyone I'm a lazy good-for-nothing daughter-in-law who sits on her bum all day!
    Oh well, better get ready to take her out shopping I suppose!!!
    Thanks for making me laugh!
    Angie x

  7. Absolutely! glad I'm not the only one :)

  8. I've found that just sitting down will also make the phone ring... but it will NEVER be next to where you just sat. Sitting also triggers an automatic response with animals... either they all need to sit on you at once, before your backside can touch the seat, and spill your freshly poured cup of tea while clamoring for the best spot ~ or they JUST realized they need to go out, NOW!
    Happy to know this sitting phenomenon occurs the world over...
    Thinking you could make some $$ if you have a bunch more t-shirts made... :))))

  9. I loved that post! Really made me laugh! So true, and very glad I'm not the only one...
    M xxxx

  10. Lol, enjoyed reading that with a big grin on my face, it's so true! Love the t-shirt :) xx

  11. I love this post, you really made me smile :) Your daughters are great getting you that t shirt! Elisabeth xx

  12. Great post and so glad you laugh about it in the family!!

  13. Ha ha! Too true - an excellent post :)

  14. What a happy wee face you have!Thank you for popping over to mine and leaving your sweet comment and for following me. Always lovely to see new (and happy) little faces! Your organisational and rationalisation skills are similar to mine!

  15. You have described it all perfectly! You should market that Tee! It would be a best seller! Hope you do get that chance to finally sit down soon! xoxo

  16. Just arrived here...love your blog & following!

  17. Fabulous Post Jane! Nodding and smiling along at every word and will flash this post to my lovely husband who literally hears those words every night as he walks in the door and I have literally just. sat. down......Mel x

  18. So very true - I think perhaps you've been following me about since you described my typical day too!

  19. Haha how true.Love the t shirt. Sue x

  20. Summed up perfectly, maybe we all need the T shirt!

  21. Ha-ha! Well this certainly hits home. And isn't it so true. My post today is about the simplicity of weekends without all the rush of the weekdays. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  22. Such a great post and such a perfect description of this occurrence.....it is so true!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Helen x

  23. yep so true people always catch me when i have just sat down and then make me feel guilty ....... nice to meet you the other night x x


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