Wednesday, 27 March 2013


A couple of weeks ago a member of my knitting group mentioned something about a sewing thing appearing on television. My ears pricked up! Sewing was the first crafty type thing I learned to do - very much self taught - and still remains close to my heart (even if not actually in my wardrobe!) I did make a dress a year ago but I used an old pattern and was most perturbed when - after hours of invisible hemming and enthusiastic humming - it didn't fit. How on earth could that have happened? To date it is still hanging on the back of my bedroom door waiting for me to drop a few pounds (don't worry - it's made itself quite comfortable).

Just hangin' around

Once my fancy had been tickled I had to pursue the matter further. After some frantic excitement on Google I found out more. For those of you outside the UK 'The Great British Bake Off' has become a National institution, in which two old treasures host a baking competition in a tastefully (if twee) decorated marquee in the picturesque British countryside. What's not to like (unless you have an aversion to duck egg blue and bunting)? The producers, doubtless very pleased with their success, have decided to replicate the winning formula and apply it to sewing. The result - 'The Great British Sewing Bee'.

Oooooh. Ooooooooh. And, what's more, there's an accompanying book! Now I don't usually treat myself to a book willy nilly - I usually have to justify it with a reason like eg: my birthday, nearly Christmas, it's Tuesday kind of thing. But with this I had pressed 'place order' and before Jack had time to be nimble it had plonked through my letterbox.

Gaze at these for a moment...

...then these

Of course I'm going to be very busy running up some of these

Although I think Little Sis might object to me interfering with this occasion

And Mr K is going to be thrilled with a new line in these

Oh yes it's going to be a busy time indeed.

The book also contains some historical references to the Queen Mother's Sewing Bees, as well as Mr Beeton and Beau Brummell. There are clear instructions on the basics - many of which were new to me - and a full size pattern for a tunic (sadly though the other patterns all need enlarging to 500% which could be a bit of a faff).
I love it. 
Did you gather that already?

Anyhow just to prove I am not turning my back on any woolly goodness I was delighted to find that the Ceilidh we attended on Saturday evening was being hosted by this band

Look at the bunting!

I'm off to don my tea dress and collect apple blossom in my hand made trug ;)

Jane x


  1. You English Girls just seem to have ALLLL the fun! Tea dresses and apple blossoms.... Mind you don't spill your blossoms from your exquisite hand made trug while doing your knitting jig... :)))) I could barely sew a button on, but I can order a book about them in the wink of an eye, with one hand tied behind my back!! wwoo- eeeee!!! :))))

  2. Ooh this book looks so good. the only thing that would annoy me is having to enlarge the patterns. thanks for letting us have a peep inside.
    Rosie xxx

  3. Oooo I can imagine it now...Paul Hollywood with a sewing machine! This is the first I have heard of the Sewing Bee, can't wait to see this. I'll look out for the book. Take care. Chel x

  4. Oh now that looks very intresting! Thanks for sharing. Xxx

  5. That dress you made is so very pretty - I'm sure you could find a way to make it fit. This sounds like a very interesting programme and the book looks inviting. Might treat myself, though any description of TARTAN gets on my wick when they call it PLAID! Last time I was at a Ceilidh, I completely forgot that at my age, one just cannot be thrown around the floor like a 20-year-old without suffering heavily for it the next day!!Enjoy yours. x

  6. Well I just absolutely love the Great British Bake Off so I'll certainly be looking out for the Great British sewing Bee!
    Angie x

  7. ~Ooh Tea dresses and Apple blossom are just the most loveliest of things....Enjoy your sewing book, it sounds pretty special too....I must also say I LOVE your header with the Lily of the valley and beautiful Blackbird....Soo pretty....Thank you for kind words over on mine...Happy Easter with a few 'Twinkles' to YOU ****** ~ Maria x

  8. Oh I didn't know about this, very excited now! Book looks great too...
    M xxx

  9. The book and programme sound interesting - I wonder who is presenting? I think I'll have to head off into Googleland - thanks for alerting me to this which may be right up my street!

  10. Once upon a time I used to make all my own clothes, but even though I learned to sew the proper way (1970's school sewing lessons - I still have all the books!) know all the techniques and can handle a pettern, the best fitting things I ever made were to my own designs - ie made of square pieces and no darts etc. I was late to the Bake off , but an bow totally in love with Mr Hollywood! Love your blog - you write really well. xxx

  11. Oooh I'm off to have a look for this book now :) after my WIP bag the other day I've really got the sewing bug! xx

  12. I'm looking forward to this new series too - I may also be tempted by the book!

  13. oh that book looks fabulous - I must not head over to amazon!

    Nikki x

  14. What a gorgeous dress, what a pity it doesn't fit. That's why I have stopped knitting myself jumpers or cardis as they don't look right on me. I'm always in awe of people who can sew especially clothes. Thanks for the lovely comment you left me, I hope the pasta making went ok. Sue

  15. I haven't seen that book - will have to keep my eyes open! I mus admit I'm in two minds about the new series, but will tune in an give it a good go before passing judgement!


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