Saturday, 16 March 2013

Words, finds and some crocodile karma

How many words is wordless?
Okay I'm assuming it means none so there goes that idea of attempting one of those lovely evocative wordless posts I keep seeing.
For someone who was quite a shy girl who never spoke much I seem to have turned into a middle aged woman who won't shut up! Don't get me wrong - I do not wander down the High Street shouting at strangers (although this has happened recently when merrily shouting 'hello!' and frantically waving at a fuzzy figure in the distance who, on closer inspection, turned out not to be the person I thought she was - darned these ageing eyes). But I sometimes need to use the edit button a bit more. The thing is if asked a question I tend not to just give one answer. No. That would be too simple. Life is not like that.

An example.

Q: "Do you prefer tea or coffee?"

At this point most people would give a one word answer. That would be sufficient.

A: "Well - tea first thing, followed by another cup to really start off my day. I'm not keen on coffee as my first drink of the day - it doesn't hit the same spot. But come mid morning I love a cup of coffee. With a biscuit. Then again at about four. But it always has to be tea after a meal - what's that all about when in a restaurant many people finish their meal with a nice fresh cup of Colombian. Is it the flavour? You see for me tea is more refreshing but coffee is more filling. If it's accompanied by a  piece of cake then surely coffee is best as long as the flavours don't clash. Okay - I can't answer the question because it depends on the time of day and the circumstance..."

Is it an affliction?
Should Mr K receive a medal for most long suffering partner ever?
Should I just shut up now and show you some of my finds this week ?

Yes, you should, get on with it woman?

Okay here goes.

I loved these little egg cups.

So sweet and just the right size. So many egg cups nowadays seemed to be made for turkey sized eggs (slight exaggeration) and I have to make a little nest of tissue paper at the bottom for my egg to sit on. 

These are just right for Betsy's eggs (bought at our knitting night fundraiser - look at the red nose on the chicken!)

I was admiring this tablecloth and napkin set when my mum remembered that she received one as a wedding  present way back in 1959 -  alongside the obligatory Witney blanket and cutlery set! It's way too small for my kitchen table but at £3 I couldn't resist.

A summery skirt for £2.50.

Oooh how do you dooo?

A jug - just because.

A book on Vintage knits - okay I know I will probably never make any of these but I love the glamour of the originals.

 Look at the colours in this picture - I'm not surprised they look so happy.

 And who knows one day I might just need a 2 ply mohair bolero to 'keep off the chill'. 

Now for the karma.

I'm not one for dressing up.
But when word got round school that Mr K had received a crocodile onesie from Little Sis for his birthday it was inevitable that at some point I was going to have to model it. Of course over here in the UK Comic Relief has been urging people to do something ' funny for money'. Under a substantial amount of peer pressure I appeared in the staff meeting at 8.30am  on Friday in full crocodile attire. Not just me you understand - that would be weird - but nearly all of the staff were sitting there dressed in some unorthodox costume! I actually began to enjoy myself - we were 'all in it together' and had a great laugh (less thrilled however when the Head introduced me to the local MP who was doing his rounds of the local schools!) Staff were urging me (kindly) to take the bus home in full costume for some extra cash. I declined politely - then less politely - then quite adamantly! I lolloped around the corridors at break time with my floppy fleecy feet and at some point I must have stepped on a splinter. Now I can't put my big toe on the floor when I walk. Is this crocodile karma? Should I have boarded the 101 at the risk of scaring other passengers? Can you imagine a motorist driving the other way seeing a crocodile calmly gazing out of the window? Am I asking too many questions? Should I shut up now?


Jane x


  1. You were quite the good sport. I think the fact that you did it at all was admirable. I do not think it was necessary to be forced to stand out on public transit. I would have made the same choice. You had some very lovely finds this week! You will look adorable in that skirt. Have a great weekend!

  2. Don't we get to see a photo of you in your costume?You sound like a real sport and all for a great cause.

  3. Good for you - we only had wacky hair day at school and most of the staff did join in. I was slightly taken aback by one of the younger TAs laughing and pointing when I walked in though!

  4. I agree! Where's the photo??! It was funny yesterday because after a while I didn't even notice the 'ghostbuster' in full attire walking into the sandwich shop getting his lunch, the men dressed up in red dresses, red wigs and full make up, the children all in onesies or their favourite comic book hero. Just a normal day really (after all, in my line of work people are always dressed up in some form of robes - but not the red dresses!!). Well done you and I hope you helped raise loads for this brilliant cause! Have a great weekend. Chel x

  5. Hope your foot is ok. I love your words, keep them in! Also love that jug you could not walk away from that! X

  6. Great post! Love the crocodile attire story and as for tea or coffee...I'm with you...basically both and yes, coffee is more filling, but that's probably all the heavy cream I put in it and tea I drink without. :-) Have a wonderful weekend, Plain Jane.

  7. hI,Lovely finds,I do like a nice tablecloth!I chuckled at the thought of you in a crocodile suit and IF you had got the bus the thought of the look on the car drivers face as he idly looked into the bus whilst waiting in a traffic queue!'bye for now Pam.

  8. Glad to had fun as a Croc and love your found skirt... bargain!
    Smiles Cass

  9. Hahaha! Funny! I wish you showed us some photographs of you in croc fore more laugh! ; ) What nice bargains you had! The egg cups are cute! : )

  10. Speak, shout, jabber on, girl! Just heard of a study that declared women speak, on average, 20,000 more words a day than men. (Probably because men need so much guidance, poor things.) As we age our personalities intensify so all those words you have saved up from your shy childhood are bursting forth. Enjoy! P.S. I ADORE the skirt fabric - frame it! -- Jan

  11. Lovely finds, especially the skirt and egg cups. I am a little sad there is no croc photo though...!!!
    M xxxx

  12. Oh dear - sorry about splinter et al. On the up side your egg cups are lovely!
    I have become that woman you outline in the beginning...
    Best wishes

  13. ~ You made me smile with this post...hehe! I have become THAT Woman too! LOVE the material on your new skirt! With kind thought's...Maria x

  14. snap with the tea and coffee... and when do we get to see the pic of the crocodile onesie :-)

  15. ahhh, you made me laugh... I too seem to be afflicted with rambling answers to simple questions, and they tend to get so rambling that I forget the question, or what my point was! ???
    Peer pressure at work ~ Show us the crocodile suit! :)))


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