Friday, 8 March 2013

The box of shame

Public health warning - the following post contains some very low light levels - if you start to feel gloomy during reading think of Spring lambs and bunnies.

I don't know if it's because Spring is almost here or because common sense is catching up with me at a pace (not sure I like it - must run faster!) but I feel it's time to confess and be absolved.

My name's Jane - and I have a box of shame.

(To be truthful I have several shelves and suitcases of shame as well but let's just concentrate on the box for now shall we?)

I've always had wool, and material, and bits of things that might come in useful some day. This is a nice thing. I like to think that whatever I fancy making I could put my hands on some basics to start me off. But such is my flitting mind that it now means I could probably rival Hobbycraft with the variety of crafty items I have hidden / stored away. All well and good when it's in our spare room - a place for everything etc...

This was my methodology.

Decide what you are going to make, select necessary items, pop them in a bag and retire to making spot. When finished for the session return bag to starting point so that things don't start to build up.

Yes, that sounds really methodical and appeals to the person I would like to think that I am.

This is what has happened. 

Have a little box to put next to the sofa, just between the arm and the wall where no one will see it. Keep all necessary items in there. Now this is where the lines start to blur. 

By necessary I originally meant knitting needles, my hook book, and my little bag of notions. (Don't forget the tripod for the camera you keep meaning to use!)

Add to that the odd magazine/ knitting folder/ notebook. Keep a nail file handy just in case, and a pen. And some nail varnish.

Put your project bag in there. Keep the project you were doing just before this one in there just in case the mood takes you. And the project from before that. Make sure you have a good selection of wool to choose from when an idea strikes - a variety of colours is essential for any granny square nonsense.

If wool gets tangled start a new ball and put naughty wool to the bottom. 

Try to make sure your projects are kept in separate bags to keep some sense of order (!) Once it starts to become unstable it's time for some action. If you press down on the top of the pile you can probably fit in some more stuff. Put one of the projects away. Look at some lovely magazines/ blogs / books and get excited about what else you could make. Select necessary items and start the whole process again. 

This is the person I actually am.

Inevitably some projects may not see the light of day for some time. The novelty wears off and they get further and further down the box. 

Take my mitten.

The subject of great excitement when we had snow recently all it took was a thaw and it was left alone.

My second pair of socks.

Yes although I said pair there is only one. Truth is it was an on line pattern and I can't for the life of me think where it was from.

A lacy scarf.

I seem to have got the wrong amount of stitches somewhere along the line so will come back to it when I'm feeling more patient.

My February Lady Sweater - second attempt.

Wrong month.

Some hangers. 
One finished (thanks to a lovely pattern over at Marmalade Rose) - one not started.

And the greatest wip of all...

My ripple blanket. This has now reached the grand old age of fourteen months - thank heavens it is acrylic otherwise I think the moths would have had a field day. To be fair this does make regular journeys back and forth with the idea that if I look at it I will feel sorry for it and add a few lines to keep it company.

There - I feel better. Everything is out in the open and maybe now is the time to return to these items with renewed joy and fervour. Think of how good it feels to finish an item and stand back proudly!

Then comes a telephone call.

My cousin has just had a baby girl and another is due in July. My lovely wool shop is closing with a  sale on some beautiful yarns, ribbons and notions.
There's nothing else for it. 

A knubbelchen is on the way followed by a bunny blanket buddy.

What can I do?

Must press down harder!

Jane x


  1. I can't see a problem!
    I don't understand what all the fuss is about!
    It all looks fine to me!
    It's tucked away where nobody can see it/trip over it!
    There's no room left under the bed in the spare room anyway!
    I NEED it next to my chair!
    Are you feeling convinced?
    At least you're not alone!!!!
    Angie x

  2. This made me chuckle so much!!
    "My name is The Pampered Sparrow and I also have a box/bag/case/room of shame!" I also have a ridiculous amount of Wip's too.

    Oh well, nothing to be done but search for more projects/materials and keep the box/bag/case/room happy ;D xx

  3. Oh - all so familiar! This made me really laugh! I thought I had rounded all my unfinished projects into one basket but only today I set to tidying our attic room and found a good number of others, none of them small! Ah well - we have to keep busy, don't we?

  4. I take great comfort knowing I'm not alone with my ever growing collection of WIP's... and let's not talk about the "craft store" of supplies I harbor... *cough*
    It's not easy to be an easily distracted crafter... press down harder is excellent advice. (assuming you don't have space to add on a new craft room (or wing?) to your home, thus giving you a little EXTRA space to store things, you know ~ until you get back to them.) giggle giggle ... love it... ;)))

  5. Oh yes, I know what you mean. I have underbed storage bags of shame *shudder*. xx

  6. I can't see a problem either... All seems very organised to me.. It is good to have choices... a girl likes to have lots of choices... Yep I have several suitcases of fabric, tins of bags of individual jewellery projects ready to be made... we've just made sure we've got what we need when we fancy making it... Love the hanger cover.. not got a pattern for one of those, I might just pop over and..... Cx

  7. Hahaha! So funny! I'm so glad that I don't knit ; ) I like pretty fabrics and textiles. I keep them in my case in a cupboard. I look at them once some years and sigh. I have no intention to use them. I am not a sewing person! I think you are organised and tidy! : )

  8. LOL. You aren't alone I have 2 of these in my living room. My favorite part when you were listing your WIP's was "wrong month!" You have a wonderful sense of humor. :)

  9. That is sooo funny but I can so relate to it.I have a storage box full of WIPs.I am convinced I will,one day,complete them!!!Ha.Ha.More posts like that please.

  10. That post really made me laugh! I also have a box of shame (or 3), it's completely normal!
    M xxxx

  11. I has boxes and bags everywhere but I got organised over Christmas with a visit to Ikea. After a ruthless few hours it was all sorted. The only problem is I now have all these empty boxes to fill......I'm pretty much forced to fill them up again aren't I? It's almost compulsory!

  12. You have made me laugh so much reading your post. Especially 'press down harder'! Yes, I do this, scrunch the sides, and then tut like mad when something dares to fall out! My craft room (believe me it's not, it's just a space where I can close the door after 'trying' to be organised) is like the insides of a handbag, you know it's there...somewhere, and you're surprised at what you have fit in! Take care. Chel x

  13. Great post. I have several boxes/baskets/bags/drawers/cupboards/shelves that could do with a bit of the "press down harder" thing. :oD

  14. I too have this problem ... little bags of supplies dotted all over the house ... and a leaning tower of WIP's in danger of burying me if it collapses :) ... a crafter's problem I think ... Bee xx

  15. Oh my goodness! The story of my life! I do love your tips, though....'put naughty wool to the bottom' and 'press down harder'. Yes, good tips! As for that coat hanger pattern, I think I need that. Another project, but at least it's a small one! Congrats on the new babe's. Please share if you finish this darling project! xoxo

  16. I love this post Jane! That's me too! I try so hard to keep my wips tidy (on the surface you'd think I was really organised because all of my wips are squashed into draws and boxes!) but I keep starting more and more's an illness I'm sure :) All of your wips are lovely and the knubbelchen promises to be very sweet indeed! Have a lovely weekend xx

  17. I've just been complaining about the light levels and my grey fuzzy photos but yours are much better!

    Funny post and pretty true (she says glancing away from the bag full of 3/4 finished baby blanket, pieces of a cable knitted bag and....and.....

  18. iPod mine in the cupboard of doom ( under the stairs) then laugh out loud at your post because I my not be able to see mine but ,like you I know it is there.
    Kindest regards Linfda

  19. Thank you for coming over to say hi. Wish it was just a box lol, it's dotted throughout the house with a trolley next to me and a couple of bags beside my seat... oh the shame... but I'm full of good intentions :) xx

  20. Hello Jane, thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I too have far too many WIP hanging day! Xxx

  21. Hello, no idea how I've missed your blog before as I see plenty of familiar names in your comments.

    I am so borrowing the concept of 'naughty wool'! Great post :D

  22. I actually think you are very restrained. I am about to blog about the state of my sewing room (fabric dump)- you have given me the great idea of showing all my half finished projects too, just to add to my shame. I love your ripple blanket and would love to be able to knit like that x

  23. I think we're related! Lol. Actually, you have a lot of great projects going! You can rest in the comfort of knowing there is always some wonderful crafty thing available for you to pick up and work on at any time.

    Thanks for visiting the Hearth Room! Hope you find your patch of sunshine.

  24. You have quite a collection there! It's always good to have a few projects on the go! :)

  25. Haha, I'm not even a remotely accomplished knitter/crocheter and I have loads of stuff jammed into the wardrobe! Plus various boxes full of card making bits and pieces and piles and piles of magazines!

  26. I'm glad its not just me. As soon as I start something I see something else I want to make and have to start straight away. I must stop looking at crafty blogs! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment, it really makes my day. Sue

  27. I have a similar box next to the sofa and it just gets bigger and bigger. I'm so glad it's not just me! On the plus side, you do have lots of lovely projects on the go! :-)

    Gillian x

  28. and now I've just spurted wine all over the funny! I don't really have more than 1 thing on the go (but really admire your dedication to having project options) but i do have baskets, cases, plastic bags and containers with bits and bobs ALL over the place. It's becoming quite an issue. Why don't I dedicate just one spot to all things crafty? Must investigate. Mel x

  29. Okay, I think you are my twin! The last two posts have described my life completely. Ha! Except you should see the basket that is sitting beside me right now. I can't press down on it anymore, a baby basket was bought to gather all the extras in but now there are books, and magazines and yarn and projects and stuff stacked until it is teetering and toppling. :) I try and try and try but just can't seem to get or stay organized. Such is life. Best wishes, Tammy

  30. Hi,please can you tell me what is a Knubblechen??Kind Regards Pam.


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