Saturday, 23 March 2013

What to look for in Spring

It's happened. 

Spring has arrived.

Time to dust down my trusty Ladybird book and see what delights I will be finding outside my front door.

By the end of February many signs of Spring have already arrived and, as the days grow longer, the hearts of country dwellers are stirred to renewed wonder at the swelling of buds and the sight of the early blossoms of hazel, willow, alder and poplar.

So says the introduction.

Let's go.

First thing I will be looking for is a field full of boxing hares.


...although I did find a rather depressed rabbit.

Okay - next there should be some lively goings on amongst the canal folk

Too cold for any of those shenanigans

Canal boats will be nestling alongside banks of fresh green grass and celandine


The birds will be actively constructing their nests up in the sunny blue sky

Not happening

Okay now I know that finding a bunch of piglets might have been pushing it a bit but maybe I'll find some forsythia in full bloom

Too cold to bloom today



Okay - I'm sensing a pattern here.

At the risk of sounding like a moaning Minnie I'm going to suggest that those pictures that we were brought up with as children may not have been telling us the whole truth. 

I'm thinking of writing my own version.

'What to look for in Spring - really!'

Do you think it will sell?

Keep warm
Jane x


  1. HaHa! Yes, you could borrow all the pictures from 'What to look for in Winter!' x

  2. That made me laugh! Spring is nowhere to be seen here either...
    M xxx

  3. No snow here but not very springy either and for the first time in my memory, no sun on my birthday! In fact I fished out the frog spawn today put it in a bucket and have brought it in as the forecast tonight in below freezing... smiles Cass x

    1. Oh Happy Birthday! What a lovely thing to do - I hope the frogs will reward you by keeping an eye on all those pesky slugs when they are older! Jane x

  4. No I guess not.never mind, British Summer time starts next week! Xxx

  5. You have made me laugh so much with this post! I'm being a moaning minnie today too! Global warming?! pfft! Keep warm and don't slip on any ice! Chel x

  6. We awoke to 6 inches of snow yesterday.... and I've not seen any happy piglets or primroses here either... ah well, it will be summer before we know it and we'll be wishing for a bit of snow! :))))

  7. That brought back memories I used to love those books and seeing the pictures again was great even if it was not fitting with the "Spring" weather we are having at the moment. Think all bloggers are moaning minnies at the moment!

  8. I was comparing some photos taken this time last year with some I took last week and the difference in the weather was unbelievable! So maybe that Ladybird book was written in a good year!
    Angie x

  9. The few signs of spring we had earlier this month have all been stopped in their tracks by another icy blast of winter. That east wind is just soooooooo cold!

  10. Brrrrr, good to have something to smile at on this cold, dull day, thank you :) xx

  11. Yes, earlier in the month it did seem as if Spring was beginning - lots of bulbs out in our garden, etc - but then, all this white stuff!! So cold today. Hope it gets a bit brighter and warmer soon. Have a good week. Abby x

  12. Hope springtime arrives soon for you.
    It is autumn here in sub-tropical Queenlsand (Australia). Cooler sunny days now, the nicest time of the year for us is around easter (not too hot or too cold). We get the occasional hare nibbling on the grass out in the paddock out front :)

  13. Hi Jane, new follower here. Lots of smiles reading your posting, rescued some daffodils this morning from under their coats of snow, just to see their beautiful colour. Spring time here again soon I hope.
    Karen x

  14. Your post made me smile today! Yes, it has gone from spring back to winter here too....the primroses in our garden that I photographed in the sunshine last week are now under a blanket of snow! Loved your Ladybird book pictures and how you found the real things looking sadly wintry!
    Hope the spring comes back soon!
    Helen x

  15. The ladybird books brought back lots of lovely memories of rainy days at my Grannies house in the mountains lovely blog :)

  16. HA! Well, at least you do have Spring to look forward to. We've had dust the past two days. Yuck! Have a great weekend. Tammy


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