Monday, 6 May 2013

Am I a Fickle Fairy?

N.B: this post is picture heavy but I do get to the point - eventually!

This Bank holiday weekend has been an unusual one in our part of the world. 

First up there was this

which encouraged a lot of running around outdoors with a camera and taking shots like this

This maple was only £3 from Tesco!

My favourite part of the garden - completely ramshackle

and a classic shot of a hover fly from Little Sis

The blackbird was singing his merry little head off in the cherry tree

And Mr Gnome was basking by the pond
(No Swedish furniture manufacturers I  will NOT push him in!)

Ned was bathed

And Jessie Dog had a summer trim
Who - me?
Oh - for shame!

Elsewhere the kitchen was taken over by Little Sis frantically trying to finish her art project

and Mr K transformed our lovely Farrow and Ball sage coloured front door to - er - this ...
(My eyes hurt!)

But the main event took place today.

Each Bank Holiday weekend there is a huge market and car boot sale nearby - and I mean huge as in, well, very big indeed. After getting up at some unearthly hour of the morning we geared ourselves up, withstood the twenty minute journey and by 10.30am (!) we were there (and do you know other people were up and about at that time as well). I knew what it was I was looking for and vowed not to be thrown off course. I was on the lookout for some old bedside cabinets that could be easily restored with a splash of Annie Sloan paint. What I came back with was

a lovely hand painted plate from around 1910

a set of bowls from the 1930's
which rascal stuck the Midas stamp on upside down?

A range of tablecloths for 25p each
including this Bobby Dazzler

And this rather nice cupboard thing
(I actually haggled for this and got £2 off - you'd think I'd won the lottery!)
The man on the stall said it was deco but the label was for a firm that was trading in the 1950's - have you heard of them?

I found it in myself to resist these
Helllpppp uuuuussss..!

but to be fair that wasn't really too difficult.

My question is this - am I a fickle fairy?

I think my finds today cover pretty much every decade of the last century!

Although I would love to be someone who could indulge in one particular style I find it hard to maintain interest. I just about think I might have found my niche, my little 'yes - THIS is who I am' and then someone points in a different direction and off I go a-wandering again. It's the same with crafts - yes I love my wool and sewing, but to be fair I've really enjoyed weaving in the past, and painting - but I'm keen to make a rag rug and what's all this felting about. Oh and I'm having a little go at free hand machine embroidery. Patchwork - now that looks like fun but - WHOOOOOOA THERE SKIPPY- slow down. I love to discover new things but at what stage are you supposed to think 'okay that's enough, find something you enjoy and stick with it'. It's the same with my home - kind people say it's a bit eclectic - others might say 'ooh now that's - er - interesting'. Maybe it's a phase - maybe I'll reach the ripe old age of 89 and suddenly think 'I know my mind and it shall be only G-plan and crimplene from now on!' 
Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Am I over thinking the matter (yes you are!)? Am I alone in my fickle ways or are there more of you out there?




  1. Wow - what fantastic finds! Personally I think variety is the spice..... my taste is very ecletic I like the 20s, 30s, 40s, deco, victorian etc. etc. and as for crafting why be a master of one when you can be a happy jack of all trades. I really fancy making a rag rug too!

  2. Great finds, Jane, it seems we are all on the painting the furniture kick at the moment.

    Re your cheatin' heart, style-wise, have a look at one of my old blog posts - Textile Tarts where i confess to exactly the same condition. I used to be known for my bright colours - both in the home and in my textiles, but I have in the last year or so come over all pale and interesting. And just when I think I'll go all out for white - I feel the need for an explosion of colour!
    No, I think it is because we are just very interesting people who will not be coerced into fashion fads! LOL!!!

  3. You are not a fickle fairy - you are a dynamic, creative individual who simply won't settle for the humdrum - you want to learn, and keep learning, throughout life. And why not? There is so much to see and do and learn...try everything! You certainly don't want to get to the end of your life and think, "drat! I never did try patchwork!"
    At least this is what I tell myself, kindred spirit, as I look at my varied pile of WIPs and eclectic range of decor...
    Chrissie x

  4. Nothing wrong with being a fickle fairy ... I am one too ... there are too many wonderful things in the world waiting to be discovered, it would be a crime to wear blinkers and be too focussed on one thing ... variety is the spice of life ;) ... Bee xx

  5. Lovely photos. Blue skies hooray! What a bargain you got with the maple there so pretty I inherited some with my garden there really lovely trees :)

  6. We're not fickle! We are eclectic, interested in a wide variety of crafts and interesting as well.

  7. You are so funny. You make me laugh in every post, I think. I love all of your finds, you are so lucky that people have sales like this where you live. I don't think people do this in my area and I'm jealous! Your front door is very bright, but I like it!

  8. Okay, so not only do we share the same profile (except looking through your photos, your pets are black and grey and white ... mine are brown and white!), but we also share the same dilemma about what we like. I've struggled with this same thing for years and wondered if it was just me. Other people seem to know EXACTLY what they like and their homes are calm and, oh, I don't know, "matchy". Mine is a hodge podge of all kinds of things from rustic woody stuff to fine china. The fabric patterns that appeal to me are all over the map too. I love bright and funky, but also subdued earth tones. I'm glad I'm not alone ... and I'm a new follower ;) Wendy ps ... great finds at the market, and I would've had no problem leaving the dolls in the bin as they're kinda creepy

  9. Lovely glimpses of home life and yes so many things to try and create... Great treasure haul... especially jealous of the the little cupboard and I really love the found green table cloth! 25p !! Cx

  10. Wow, you had an exciting weekend! I love Little Sis's art project. Looks fun! I would prefer Farrow and Ball sage coloured door, too! ; ) Jessie looks puppish with new hairstyle! I like haggling although I seldom go to car boot sales/flea markets. I am looking forward to how you would transform the bedside table. : )

  11. I like lots of different things and styles and crafts but have never thought that I was a fickle fairy because of it. I just think it's because I'm unique! And so are you! :o)

  12. I'm so jealous of those gorgeous tablecloths. You know what I'm like when it comes to those!! The top plate is really fantastic. I love the colours. They are so very unusual. I think that you should really not care about what other people might think of your house. It should reflect who you are. even if it is a mix in decor, so what? That's just you.
    Rosie xx

  13. Oh my loving that bobby dazzler of a table cloth. No harm in being a flibberty gibbet faerie. They're the best kind ... Sarah x

  14. Oh a woman after my own heart! My garage is full of stuff that doesn't fit in with my 'latest' fad! My craft room is full of half finished projects as I'm always seeing something else to start on. I feel like that dog in 'Up'...oooo squirrel!! Love your finds especially the plate! Have a great week. Chel x

  15. I love it that you like lots and lots of different styles. era's and crafting endeavors. You don't have to pick just one or two, think how boring that would be. You can explores and explore some more. Hugs,

  16. I'm sure thats Teeny Tiny Tears back right in the box. I still have mine (although she is in a lot worse condition as I used to was her hair every friday night and she ended up with an "Arthur Scargill" hairstyle!!) xxx

  17. I think you will be fine, I love lots of different eras which I just fall in love with,
    you have found some wonderful treasures, I love you little bunny..bless
    Thea x

  18. Hi,I'M A FICKLE BUTTERFLY FLITTING FROM ONE COLLECTION TO THE NEXT,THAT'S WHY i HAVE A CLUTTER ROOM,A SHED, TWO LOFTS AND A GARAGE FULL OF STUFF!!!but I have just rented a space,La Boheme,in my local antiques centre OLYMPIA!!And I am selling stuff!!Happy booting Pam.

  19. ~ DITTO....I am a fickle 'pink' fluttery fairy too! ~ I fall in love with all the pretties from times gone by....~ that way you capture the best! ~ Love Mr Bunny kins, soo lovely! ~ I do remember the ' Sandy man's song...It came back to me too...This made me smile :) Thanks for kind comments always! Maria with a few 'Twinkles '****

  20. Fickle? Nothing wrong with fickle! The antonym? consistent, steady - BORING!!!
    Please stay fickle!!! We love to read about your fickleness!
    Angie x

  21. Great finds! And I think creativity and fickleness go hand in hand....or they do in my case at least :) xx

  22. I have too many "hobbies" too..... animals, drawing, art, craft (with waffles around between polymer clay, wanting to learn to sew better, paper, painting things), gardening, and of course books, LOVE books, doll house miniatures.... Love old things ~ old office supplies, old dishes, buttons, farmy stuff, old letters and invoices and postcards. I can find something to love at most flea markets/antique stores, thrift shops....
    I'm not even sure fickle is enough to cover it! ?? We are who we are I suppose ~ and may as well embrace it now, I see no sense in waiting till we are 89! :)))))))))))

  23. I could've written this! I'm all over the place with what "era" I'm in.... I love 70's retro, but I love modern art... I love second hand furniture, but it makes me a bit squiffy because I don't know where it's been... I want to make my own clothes.. but I'm a bit rubbish... the list goes on! I've decide we can set up a new name for people like us.... conflicted! It has a ring to it, no?! ;) xx

  24. Definitely a good sort of fickle to be, I think I may be too :)
    Poor Casper the dog has also been victim of a hair cut.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.
    Emma xxx

  25. Don't change! Stay as you are! I am the same, each day I want to try this and try that, and as for my house, it does not know if its coming or going with all the changes I make to it. Its a good thing not a bad, it makes us who we are and I say 'carry on as you are'. Love all your buys from the bootfair! Look forward to seeing the makeover on the cupboard! Karen x your elfness, tehe x

  26. Some lovely finds there. I'm envious of people who are able to focus on one thing only. Like you I have too many interests and keep changing my mind. Life would probably be boring otherwise! xx

  27. Stay as you are! I think your eye is just drawn to certain things and if you like them, you like them, regardless of when they were made. My taste is very random too, plus i know NOTHING about vintage or antique things so you can imagine the kind of tat I come back from car boot sales with! x

  28. Glad to have found you and now following. Great bootfair buys especially the bedside cupboard, looking forward to seeing the 'after'

  29. You are being you! Which is just how it should be ... a little of what you fancy does you good, even when it is a little of everything ;)

  30. Reading all these comments, you can see you are in good company, and I'm in there too. Life is interesting and loving nice stuff from any decade, style, colour palette, just adds to the wonder of it. Trying new crafts and succeeding in creating something new is a good confidence booster. I'm off to try my hand at silk painting in a couple of weeks. Never done that before. Nearly 100 followers!, well you've got one more - me.

  31. You always make me laugh. I guess I'm fickle, too. And everyone says my decorating is eclectic. But that's what makes life interesting. Who wants to be like everyone else and do the same things all the time? Have a great day. Tammy

  32. Hello! Thanks for popping in and leaving a lovely comment. I am enjoying reading your blog posts too now I know you are here in the blogosphere! I love that cupboard thingy, have you done anything with it yet? And the dollies, how did you resist? That even looked like a tiny tears to me. My youngest granddaughter loves her dollies and it gives me an excuse to buy more!

  33. I saw your photo of the Royal Doulton and it gave me a chuckle. One of my favorite British Comedies that is shown on our public television network here in Tennessee is "Keeping up Appearances" and when I saw that photo, I immediately thought of Hyacinth and her candlelit suppers. Thanks for the smile. Oh, and the other finds were great also.


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