Sunday, 26 May 2013

Half a walk

You know how it is. The unfamiliar warmth and blue skies make you suddenly want to be outside again, breathe in that fresh air and do active things. This afternoon has been one of those times. Blogland has been full of stunning bluebell pictures and it seemed only natural that we should go and seek some out at our nearby woods. We packed up some refreshments and piled into the car. Both Jessie dog and I had our heads out of the car window - she excitedly panting and I snapping away at the gorgeous lanes filled with cow parsley and buttercups. At least that's what you'll have to believe. It was only after I tried to upload my pictures on return that I realised that I had slipped my camera into movie mode - and what's more using a format that my computer doesn't recognise. So your imagination is going to have to take you along the first part of our journey. 

Let's go through the wooden stile - isn't it fascinating. Look at how the metal handle has worn into this strange shape. And can you hear the cuckoo? 'Cuckoo' - yes, that's it! Over the mossy stones - the texture is incredible and close up it's like an alien landscape. See the dead trees on the horizon - their trunks bleached white with the sun - how elegant they stand amongst the bracken.

Okay now imagine the pictures that might accompany those ramblings and I think we're caught up.


Along the sunken path

Old wood alongside fresh new growth

And old stumps - what is it about them I like? (It takes one to know one!) 

Hello Mr Stumpy!

Surrounded by the lush green of new leaves

And fields

Bluebells line the way

as we admire the natural architecture

and dappled light

Somewhere up there is the cuckoo

The path clears
What's that Jessie? We're nearly there?

And then we see this

After our jolly ramble it's now time to head back for our refreshments
That's right Jessie - we're nearly back at the car so now's exactly the right time for you to wade through a deep muddy puddle.

A bowl of water for old muddy paws

And some fresh coffee for the rest of us

Before we set back along the road home

Well thank you for accompanying me on half of my walk - next time we might get to see the first bit too.




  1. What a cute doggie! looks like a fab walk lovely bluebells and bracken shoots x

  2. It looks like a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. Hugs to you,

  3. Looks a fab place for a walk to me!

  4. oh how i love days like this! Thanks for taking us on your walk, it was lovely. My dogs do exactly the same muddy puddle thing, and I think there should be a running stream of fresh water at the end of every walk, or a hosepipe in the car park!
    Have a happy BH tomorrow,

  5. You brought a smile to my face on this jaunt Jane. Very pretty path. Love Jessie. Oh and the coffee tasted wonderful ! Good times.

  6. Lovely! I love a woodland walk.
    M x

  7. A lovely walk and I could imagine the cuckoo in the background. I love the sunken path, the only problem is these sorts of paths usually confuse me and my feet give up on my brain and I end up worse than the dog being covered in mud! Have a great bank holiday tomorrow. Chel x

  8. Still waiting to hear the cuckoos round here, Jane - I think the proliferation of rooks has scared them away. Lovely photos.

  9. What a lovely walk. Jessie looks like a wonderful companion.

  10. What a shame about your photos, but at least you have the memories. I've really missed bluebell woods, it's our first year in Canada and, although I have seen bluebells, I've yet to spot a whole wood of them.
    Have a lovely week x

  11. What a lovely walk , and yes I could hear the cuckoo (I was remembering hearing one last week in Scotland), thank you for sharing your day.

    S xx

  12. Lovely pics of what looks to be a lovely walk. Love bluebells, they speak to the soul. Super cute Jessie! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xo

  13. Well, I enjoyed your 'half a walk' very much. The call of the cuckoo reminds me of my childhood in a small Derbyshire village and I love to hear them but I haven't heard one yet this year. It looks as if you all had a great time:)

  14. You gave us plenty of pictures in your "half-walk" to enjoy it FULLY! I, too, love stumps. no idea why either. Maybe it's the texture, or the history? By the way, is your pooch a schnauzer or in part ??

    1. Well now for many years we thought she was just a standard mutt and as she was from a dogs home we had no idea of her parentage - but quite recently somebody referred to her as a Bedlington Whippet - when we googled the images we realised she was exactly the same - plus it explains her whippet like tiger markings along her back when she is clipped. To us she's a prize! Jane x

  15. That was a great walk.Lovely photos.

  16. Lovely walk, thanks for taking us along! Xxx

  17. That looks like a perfect walk for a sunny May weekend. I never tire of the bluebells. There were loads in the park this morning and they were so pretty. x

  18. I am so glad that you found some! I love that sunken path.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi there...thanks for visiting my blog. I loved the walk! ;-) x

  20. ahhhh your walk is like a breath of fresh air, especially as it is pouring with rain here right now, it's just what i needed.
    love jooles xxx

  21. This was such FUN!! Especially the first half ;) Gorgeous spot for a walk in the woods (we don't have bluebells in the woods here, so I really like seeing the carpets of blue on blogland. I'm horrible with the camera ... forget the lens cap, forget to put the memory card back in, let the batteries die. I've missed some incredible shots for lack of preparation. Enjoy your week! Wendy


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