Saturday, 18 May 2013

When is a weed not a weed?

We all have preconceptions about what a weed is. The general connotation is of something unwanted, invasive - even ugly. The more generous amongst us might think of it as a plant in the wrong place. But look at these little treasures
The purest white
Jack by the hedge
to the deepest pinks and blues
Herb Robert and forget me nots
Pop these alongside some wonderfully frothy cow parsley ( 'NO! Don't bring that in the house - it's supposed to be bad luck ', 'Sorry - I like it!')  and some alkanet in a beautiful little rose bowl (thank you Ange) and you have this

 What's not to like?

Hold the phone - who told old 'wet the bed' about the weed appreciation society?

 Hmm - maybe I need to draw the line somewhere.

 Another more practical way of telling if a plant is a 'weed' or not is to wait until it has flowered. I've often wondered why I can't grow geum. It turns out it's because I pull it up each Spring - yup that'll do it. I found a little weather beaten terracotta trough that I'd forgotten about earlier and look what was blooming above the weedy foliage

 Poor thing.

Now before I show you my purchase of the week I'd just like to introduce you to my friend

 Mr Robin has been very excited about all the digging going on this week and has been at my side for most of the time (they do look ever so scrawny at this time of year don't they?)

Okay. Here goes. I'm tootling around the charity shops on my Friday afternoon mooch and I come across this

A post card? A tray?

Attached to these


Resulting in one of these

The sweetest little side table on tippy toe legs.

My poor old mum couldn't believe how excited I was.
To her it was definitely a weed but to me it was treasure - and at £5 an absolute must have.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it but for now it is bonding with the other weeds in my kitchen


What do you think? Weeds or treasure?

Have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. Just a little shout out for the talented Sarah over at Did You Make It Yourself? She's running  a sewing school during June so if you fancy a go at some crazy patchwork or owl making go and have a look - great cake guaranteed!


  1. Lovely table and although I think alkanet is the spawn of the devil himself, your weedy arrangement does look rather nice too xxx

  2. What a lovely posy. I like cow parsley too but I didn't know it was seen as unlucky.

  3. This reminds me of the irony I find in gardening. The plants we don't want replicate and grow and grow while the plants we do want seem to struggle along. For the past years I have been trying to keep my garden "volunteers" and just go with a messier sort of green space.
    (And I had to chuckle at the "weed appreciation society." As a secondary school teacher, I'm sure I have many students who'd join a society named that!)

  4. That is my sort of flower arrangement too.. I currently have forget me nots, cow parsley and Aquilegias... beautiful!! Cx

  5. Love your little posy and isn't it so true how one person's trash is anothers treasure ... cute little table ... Bee xx

  6. Your posy of wayside flowers is so lovely, I always bring cow parsley in to my home....
    your little table is very sweet
    Thea x

  7. Definitely treasure :) I love the flowers and the table is lovely xx

  8. That table is a perfect find! With your posy on there it matches perfectly! There are some 'weeds' that I absolutely adore, such as daisies in the lawn. Admittedly they are now spreading and I know my hubby is itching to pull them out (probably when I am at work!), but they are so beautiful and I love making daisy chains with Miss Teenager. I think some weeds are the best flowers, so I think I must be one of the Weed Appreciation Society members! xx

  9. So pretty. I have been having the same internal struggle with some wild asters which seeded themselves in my front yard, in a little round bed along my front walk. My children were both born in September, the month for which the aster is the birth flower. I know they're really kind of weeds, but I don't care, they're thriving beautifully and they're meaningful. So: not weeds. :)

  10. Your floral arrangement looks so pretty. I work in a pre school and the children love picking 'flowers' (dandelions) to take home for their mums.

  11. Lovely natural flower arrangement so pretty. I really do love cow parsley is to delicate. My gardens full of what other people would call weeds. I like them so I keep them :)

  12. I caught my husband spraying weedkiller on some daisies the other day. I was horrified! "How am I expected to make daisy chains in the summer without daisies?" I asked him. Yep, he thought I'd completely lost my marbles ... but he did stop spraying the daisies. :oD

  13. Weeds are just plants that grow where you don't want them. I'm surprised to see forget-me-nots in your 'weed/not-a-weed' category. Here we have to buy them in the nursery. They do spread, but I've always loved their sweet little faces ;) And daisies?! We buy them at the nursery too!! I love your wildflower arrangement and your table would look lovely taken outdoors for afternoon refreshments. Wendy

  14. My philosophy, if it's pretty and I like it its not a weed and it stays. Seems as if its yours also. Pretty table, and a steal at that price!

  15. ~ Well as the saying goes.." May all your weeds be wild flowers ~ I bring them home too! Even Elder which incidentally smells like my cats have sprayed! haha...LOVE the pretty table you have given a new home too! soo sweet! Happy Sunday to you...~ love Maria x

  16. I have a lot of plants that are techinically weeds and they're generally self sown, but I'd hate my garden to not have forget mentors, ragged Robin, golden feverfew and honesty - all of which have just appeared and decided to stay! I do sometimes have to remind them who's boss but apart from that we get on just fine! Love the table btw :-)

  17. One persons weed is another persons flower. I love buttercups and daisies, speedwell in the lawn and cow parsley all so pretty. Sarah x

  18. Both are most definitely treasures!
    M x

  19. Are "Forget Me Nots" weeds? I don't know. I always assumed that they were a perennial because my Oma always had them mixed into her perennial beds. I think they are lovely - weed or not!! Love that table. It'll add some sunshine to your home on any cloudy day!

  20. Yes, I remember being told as a little girl if you took cow parsley into the house your mother would die - in fact it's common name where we lived was "Mother-Die" how revolting! And you know I still have the teeniest hang-over superstition about it ..............

  21. I love my forget me knots weeds and pick them as often as I can. I love your little weed arrangement and I LOVE LOVE your table, it looks fab. Definitely treasure on both counts. Lovely post xo

  22. I love cow parsley at this time of year, it's just a weedy cousin of achillea!! I draw the line at pesky dandelions though!
    Looove your scenic table, what a great find.
    Sally x

  23. That is a wonderful combination - forget-me-nots and an old table. Perfecto
    I love cow parsely - inside and out!
    Best wishes


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