Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seven things

Before I continue  I would like to thank all of you who commented on my last post - your support and wishes have meant such a lot and helped us all get through a sad time. Love to all of you xxx

The lovely Emma over at Painted Style (go take a look at her before and after pictures - they're fab!) has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I have to share seven facts about myself and then nominate fifteen others to do the same. Oooh the temptation - this could be my chance to completely reinvent myself as a crafting genius capable of fantastic works of art, alongside being an inspirational domestic goddess. But then you would need proof - that might be tricky. Do you remember Festive? Hmm - best think again!

Okay I think I'd better stick with the truth - here goes.

 1. I've always wanted to play the piano. We bought a second hand one when we got married and I can pick out a tune but hopefully one day I'll get round to having lessons.

2. I'm left handed. The only thing it has ever got in the way of was learning to crochet. Otherwise it just looks to me like everyone else is doing things the wrong way around.

3. I married my college sweetheart and this year will be our twentieth anniversary (although we knew each other for eight years beforehand). We still make each other laugh and this has seen us through many a tough time.

 4. Our family viewing at the moment is Glee and The Apprentice. Great music in the first and strangely addictive, if horrendous, characters in the second! We are also getting through series 5 of Mad Men - oh those clothes!

(This is actually very tricky as I'm trying not to replicate the facts I shared with the Liebster Award!)

5. I always say hello to animals and birds - yes this does sound mad and I have no defence. (Can you imagine what would happen if one of them said hello back - that would stop me in my tracks!)

6. I love finding out the history behind a thing, a place or a story. And how that history has evolved over the years. I also wonder how we will be looked back on by generations to come - what will they make of botox and straighteners!?

7. My desert island food would be roast potatoes - nice ones with proper crispy outsides and fluffy middles - maybe with a small jug of gravy.

Goodness me - nothing very inspirational there! Maybe I should have gone away and thought about this a bit more but I need to go and move some plant pots (sad but true!)

Okay before I continue with my fun packed afternoon here are my fifteen nominees:

1. Chel - the loveliest lady at Sweetbriar Dreams
2. Mellie - will take you for lovely walks at Mellie Moo Crochet
3.Daisy - will always make you smile at Lazy Daisy Jones
4. Angie - the proud owner of a beautiful Airedale puppy at Poppy Cottage 48
5. Felicity - multi talented! at Eclectic Handmade
6.Maria - a blog with music! at Rosey Tinted Spectacles
7. Jenny - a quirky look at life at The Custards
8.'M' - lovely sewing at Ladybird Diaries
9. Penny - teeny tiny crochet at L is for Love
10. Thea - her header is to die for at Hearts and Bluebells
11. Humphry cumfy cushion - a lovely look at crafts and old books
12.Elisabeth - incredibly beautiful crochet shawls at Elizy Art Crochet
13. Bee - inspirational blog at The Linen Cloud
14. Wendy - check out the zig zag cushion! at September Violets
15.Vintage Jane - a look at all things interesting!

If any of you ladies above wish to take part may I suggest that you have a warm drink and large piece of cake nearby for sustenance. I'm starving!

Crikey - that took a while. Now it's raining - those pots will have to wait!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.



  1. Hi Jane, thanks for the nomination sweetie! We are definitely kindred spirits. I'm just roasting some potatoes now...yum!! The oh my...the shouting and yelling I do at the screen when that's on! He fired the wrong one last week should have been the troublemaker...I will be quiet now. Have a great week my lovely. Chel x

  2. Bloomin' heck that was fast! I know just what you mean about trying to come up with new facts after a Liebster award! I was scraping the barrel! No more awards! Ha ha! x

  3. I'm with you Glee and The Apprentice are my guilty pleasures. Sarah x

  4. Thank you for the nomination...I love how you described each blogger too....So pleased I make people smile....Do I really? .....ahhhh thats made my day...
    bestest love to you
    daisy xx

  5. ~ Awww thank you ever so kindly for thinking of me...I love all the blogs you have nominated too! I am off to pop on those 'Roastie Tatties'...Ooh we do have an awful lot in common us blog gals! ~ With kindest 'Twinkles' ****** Maria x

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. I LOOOVE roasted potatoes, I try to make them once a week!

  7. Sorry to hear about Ned. We had a pet rabbit for about 9 years and my sisters and I were devastated when he died.

    Very nice to know a bit more about you. That photo of roast potatoes has got my tummy rumbling, I absolutely love them and always eat more than is polite. x

  8. So fun to read more about you. I think it is fascinating that crochet is difficult for a lefty. Have a great day!

  9. Thank you so much for the nomination, very kind of you, I really appreciate it. Great to find out a few things about you, I am a big fan of Mad Men too and agree, the clothes are fantastic!
    M x

  10. Roasts and gravy, it's bedtime but I am suddenly hungry! Loved visiting your blog today, thanks for tuning in to mine. If this is any consolation, before I started teaching crochet lessons I was scared to death that someone left handed might turn up, so I taught my man! he is left-handed and he got it. Get someone to teach you by sitting opposite to you and copy them. Jo xx

  11. I always say hello to animals and birds too! Thought it was just me being a bit mad, seems there's two of us! I drive along saying, 'Morning Sheep!' and 'Hello Mr Magpie, how is Mrs Magpie?' Yes, definitely mad!
    Angie x

  12. Mad Men, the only thing I watch on T.V. literally. Had a splurge at your favourite fabric shop in Shrewsbury this week. Would be great if you could mention my classes, thanks. Sarah


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